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Find out how your website stacks up against your competitors in 30 seconds.


analyse your Google Analytics account and spot the areas with the most potential for improvement. Make the suggested changes to increase your traffic, sales, and profit! It's free and there's no catch.

We will measure your site on a number of key metrics and explain why they are important in plain English.

We look at your top traffic sources like organic, social, referral, email and direct traffic. You’ll learn how your bounce rate and conversion rate stack up against your competitors, and we’ll suggest simple steps to improve each metric. There’s no better way to benchmark your website’s performance against others in your industry, and understand exactly how your potential customers are engaging with your site.

Let us teach you a better way of understanding Google Analytics to help you stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

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Google Analytics is a very powerful tool but the data overload can feel confusing. It’s hard to know how well your site is actually doing without your competitors’ traffic information to compare to. Without reference points, it’s hard to know if what you see in Google Analytics is good or bad.

Onalytics helps you to fully understand the key metrics on which your website performs. What is a good bounce rate? What is a good conversion rate?

Our team of experienced digital marketing ninjas have been working with Google Analytics data to improve all kinds of websites for 13 years. But we noticed that website owners rarely understood what they saw in Google Analytics, because they only had one reference point: their own site’s data!

That’s why we built Onalytics, to give a much clearer picture of how your website stands up against competitors, and give you clear instructions on how to improve each vital metric.

Onalytics uses your existing Google Analytics data to analyse your website’s traffic and usage, and compare it to the competition giving you a simple, easy-to-read report that says where you’re at and where you could be. Your clear, actionable and prioritised to-do list will show you how to improve your website’s performance and drive traffic, engagement and sales.

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